CareNet Advocates

There are so many people in the greater DuPage area that are in need of CareNet’s services; women who are in unplanned pregnancies, teens in classrooms who are struggling with our sexual culture, and men and women who have had an abortion in their past. Pathway and CareNet have formed a partnership to try and help them. You can participate by becoming a CareNet Advocate.

Q:     What’s a Pathway CareNet Advocate?

A:     A compassionate person willing to serve Christ by connecting pregnant women and others in need to CareNet for help.

Q:     What does a CareNet Advocate do?

A:     1. Helps implement CareNet’s services through Pathway. Those services include      abstinence education until marriage, unplanned pregnancy help and post-abortion healing.

         2. Tries to identify and refer women who may be in need of CareNet’s services.

         3.  Prays, prays, and prays!

Q:     What do I need to become a CareNet Advocate?

A:     1.  Compassion. You must be able to have compassion toward people and work with others in a nonjudgmental fashion. You must be someone other people can trust.

         2.  Knowledge. You must have knowledge both of your church and how it functions plus knowledge of CareNet.

Q:     What’s the next step to become a CareNet Advocate?

A:     Contact Barb Mulliner, who is leading the CareNet Advocate team at Pathway. Also, more information about CareNet can be found on their website.